AMA | Handshake: Decentralizing Control of the Internet

AMA | Handshake: Decentralizing Control of the Internet 


本期AMA主题交流会我们有幸的邀请了Namebase的Johnny Wu,与我们分享本期交流主题《Handshake: Decentralizing Control of the Internet》

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?:Hi~Johnny,Welcome!I'm very happy to have you here ! Would you like to introduce yourself to our community partners!
Johnny Wu:Thank you for having me! Similar to ??? how  manages the HNSfans community, I manage our community at Namebase.
???has done an awesome job organizing the hnsfans community and there’s lots I can learn from her. Thanks for having me!
?:We've got new friends in our community. Let's first introduce HNS to our new friends.
Johnny Wu:Welcome new friends! HNS stands for the Handshake coin, and is a cryptocurrency used to bid on Handshake names.
?:How are Handshake names different than traditional domain names?
Johnny Wu:
There's actually lot that differs Handshake from traditional domains, but the main 2 points are:
1. Traditional domain names are subdomains that you rent from top-level domain owners like “.com” or “.net” whereas Handshake names are top-level domains that you actually own.
For example, instead of renting "" from ".com", I own ".johnnywu", and thus also own "home.johnnywu", "linkedin.johnnywu", etc.
(例如,不是从“ .com”租“”, 我是拥有“. johnnywu”,因此也拥有“ home.johnnywu”,“ linkedin.johnnywu”等。)
2. Traditional domains live on centralized servers and can be easily censored and taken from you at any time.
Handshake names live on a decentralized blockchain that nobody controls, making Handshake names uncensorable. Nobody can take your Handshake name from you.
(Handshake域名则存在于无人控制的去中心化区块链上,这让Handshake域名变得无法审查, 没人可以获取你的域名。)
?: Thank you for your answer,I would also like to know, what problems does Handshake solve?
Johnny Wu:
Again, I can highlight 2 main points:
1. Traditional top-level domains are prohibitively expensive.
If you wanted to get a new top-level domain in the traditional system, for example ".hnsfans", you would need to apply to an organization called "ICANN", who charges an application fee.
This is a fee you pay regardless of whether you get the domain or not. Any guesses to how much this application fee costs?
It costs $185,000 to apply for a new top-level domain,Reminder, you pay this fee even if they reject your application
(申请新的顶级域名需要花费$ 185,000,值得注意的是,即使他们拒绝了你的申请,你也要支付这笔费用)
It's pretty ridiculous. Handshake instead distributes top-level domains in auctions that anyone can participate in. This way literally ANYONE can own a top-level domain
2. Current namespaces are heavily centralized and controlled.
your usernames on WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, and your domain names are all controlled by centralized organizations who can delete and block your usernames and domain names at will
As mentioned before, Handshake names live on a decentralized blockchain that nobody controls or can prevent others from accessing.
?: If nobody controls Handshake,then who receives the winning bids from Handshake auctions?
Johnny Wu:
Nobody, winning bids get burned by the network and disappear forever. It has a small deflationary effect on the price of HNS.
?: How can I access Handshake domains? Can I visit them in my browser?
Johnny Wu:
Yes you can! There's a number of ways of accessing Handshake domains, the easiest is using For example, to visit my dLink page on johnnywu/, you can type "" in any browser. You can try this on any Handshake domain
If you don't want to add "" every time you want to access a Handshake domain, you can also set up NextDNS to directly resolve Handshake names. Once you've done so, you can use any browser and just type in "johnnywu/" to access my dLink — no more ""
(如果不想每次访问“握手”域名时都添加“”,还可以将NextDNS设置为直接解析“握手”名称。完成此操作后,你可以使用任何浏览器,只需输入“ johnnywu /”即可访问我的dLink-不再需要“”)
There's also currently a mobile browser called Puma Browser that resolves Handshake, and it looks like Brave is adopting Handshake soon as well
(当前还存在一个名为Puma Browser的移动浏览器,它可以解决握手问题,Brave也即将兼容握手。)
There are many more ways to access Handshake as well, which this will help:
?: Thank you Johnny,  What’s the relationship between Namebase and Handshake?Did Namebase create Handshake?
Johnny Wu:
A common misunderstanding! To clarify, Namebase did NOT create Handshake. Namebase is an onramp for Handshake and we, just like you all, are merely big fans of Handshake.
(很多人都误会了,在这里澄清一下:Namebase没有创建Handshake, Namebase是Handshake的入口,我们和你们一样,也是Handshake的忠实粉丝。)
Our goal is to make Handshake easy to use to enable mass adoption, and you can use our platform to easily trade HNS, as well as bid on, purchase, sell, and use Handshake names.
Essentially we're such big fans of Handshake that we built our entire business around it
?: So truly no one owns Handshake?
Johnny Wu:
Nobody. Handshake is a totally decentralized protocol and is entirely community-run.
Anyone is welcome to use the Handshake logo as they please, anyone can build on and use Handshake, and anyone can call themselves a “Director of Handshake”. 
?: What are Namebase’s plans to get Handshake adopted by major browsers like Chrome?
Johnny Wu:
While there are many important activities that need to be done to grow Handshake, the metric we care most about is the number of Handshake names in use
we track this by looking at the number of names who've had their default DNS settings changed.
To increase this number, we want to attract more developers to build on Handshake and we’re doing so by creating example apps like dLinks and Handshake logins to help showcase what Handshake can do.
(, an easy way for anyone to create a decentralized website without technical experience)
(Handshake logins:you’ll be able to log in with just your Handshake name instead of username and password)
(关于Handshake logins:你可以只使用Handshake域名而不是用户名或密码登录)
Once there’s enough individuals building on and using Handshake, the browser adoption will follow (Puma Browser already supports Handshake and Brave is already planning to integrate Handshake).
一旦有足够的人在开发和使用Handshake,浏览器就会考虑支持handshake(Puma Browser已经支持Handshake,并且Brave已经计划集成Handshake)。
The best way any Handshake enthusiast can help grow Handshake adoption is:
  1. publicly showing your support and telling your friends about it!
  2. trying out Handshake creations that developers build (see:
  1. 公开展示你对HNS的支持并告诉你身边的朋友!
  2. 2.尝试开发人员开发的Handshake应用和服务(例如
Public Q & A
?:Thank you for your wonderful answer,NOW!!!  second part----Public Q & A,you guys are free to ask.
Fans NO1: How can developer make an handshake app and submit to namebase.  Is there any examples ?"
Johnny Wu:Build it and share it with us. dword.johnxu/ is a great example
(dword.johnxu /就是一个很好的例子,如果你创建了请记得与我们分享)
Fans NO2:We know that handshake company currently has about 100000 top-level domain names in reserve, but what about the future development after the auction of these 100000 top-level domain names."
Johnny Wu:There is no such thing as a "Handshake company", Handshake is a decentralized protocol that nobody owns. The names of the top 100k websites according to Alexa are reserved for the owners of those websites to claim on Handshake, they are not for auction.
Fans NO3:If the handshake domain is decentralized, will it become a dark net, arms trading, pornography, and illegal use?"
Johnny Wu:Handshake was created to bring control of the Internet back to the people instead of a small group of corporations. It's ultimately up to the individual to choose how they use their names
Fans NO4:Do you have a domain name to access? Or w
(www.namebase.io或者 有握手的域名可以访问吗)
Johnny Wu:Yes, the handshake name is not only for domain name, but also for your network identity. For example, in All account names are handshake domain names
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